Thousand Yard Stare


Thousand Yard Stare | Pierce Kelley

Critics agree "From its first adrenaline-pumping shot, Thousand Yard Stare races full-throttle into the nightmare world of George, a Vietnam vet, who descends into the neverland of PTSD and takes the reader with him. Flush with detail, rich in research, Pierce Kelley's latest offering will be hauntingly familiar to all battle-worn soldiers -- and their families and friends. Part courtroom drama, part psychotherapy, Thousand Yard Stare is a timely book that deserves a good, hard look." Tom Mayer, Editor, Lake City Reporter


"This is a real page turner. The Thousand Yard Stare draws attention to a subject many know about, but few care to discuss–PTSD. Pierce Kelley writes with detail the problems soldiers returning from combat can experience." Carolyn Risner, Editor, Williston Pioneer

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