Roxy Blues | Pierce Kelley

Jeremy and Sally Thibodeaux are clammers from Cedar Key, Florida. After Jeremy suffers a herniated disc in his lumbar spine at work one day while avoiding a menacing bull shark, his treating physician prescribes Oxycontin to relieve the pain. Sally begins taking the pills after she is injured as a result of a slip and fall incident at a local retail store.


When the medical treatment ends, and the the doctor refuses to continue to prescribe the pills, Jeremy begins buying the drug from a friend, at a much higher cost. They like the pills with the most Oxycodone in them, 30 milligrams, which provide the most immediate relief. Those pills are bluish in color and on the street they’re called Roxy Blues.


Jeremy is incarcerated after buying drugs from an undercover police officer and his life spirals downward, as does Sally’s. This story, though it is fictionalized, is based upon the lives of real people. It is a story about a problem that is killing people and ruining lives in epidemic proportions all over our country. It is a story about what could happen to any of us.

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