Father, I Must Go


Father, I Must Go | Pierce Kelley

This book is about Jorge Frias, a Mexican citizen from the Yucatan Peninsula. For almost twenty years he lived and worked in the United States without proper documentation. After being caught, he was allowed to “voluntarily depart” the United States. This is a story of how he managed to gain entry to this country illegally on many occasions, why he did it, and what he did while here. In writing the book my intention was to shed some light on the immigration issue since it is a topic being hotly debated at the present time. In doing so, I also address U.S.-Mexican relations over the years and Jorge’s heritage. He is a Mestizo, which means he has the blood of the Spanish, the Mayans, and other indigenous peoples of Mexico in him. He is now a tour guide in Playa del Carmen. He is also a poet.

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