A Tinker’s Damn!


A Tinker's Damn | Pierce Kelley

"Pierce Kelley's best work yet! Readers will sympathize with Kevin Coffee's dilemma, even as they hope never to meet him in person. His story makes it clear how the handicaps of poverty and persecution are powerful inducements to amoral behavior. Kelley's attention to legal and technical details shines, as always."

-Jenna McKenna, Editor, Cedar Key Beacon


Kevin Coffee becomes a thief at a young age in order to survive after his father leaves him, his mother, and three siblings to fend for themselves in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. As an adult, he moves to Miami Beach and becomes a drug smuggler. He meets members of the IRA and supplies them with guns. With their help, he finds his father, who is a tinker in Ireland. He falls in love with Maeve Connelly, a member of a radical splinter group of the IRA. When Kevin is arrested and seems headed for prison, despite the best representation that attorney Siobhan O'Sullivan can provide, he decides to flee and hide out with Maeve on a remote island off the northwest coast of Ireland after a bank heist and one last gun deal.

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