A Plenary Indulgence


A Plenary Indulgence | Pierce Kelley

Haruki Tanaka, the owner of a Japanese-American restaurant in Tampa, is accosted by a would be robber who threatens him with a gun late one night as he is putting food, intended for the homeless, in his car.  When the crime is thwarted by another store owner who happens by, Haruki chases after the man in his car and finds him as he is crossing a street several blocks away.  In an effort to apprehend the man, Haruki runs him over with his car, killing him. Following an investigation, Haruki is arrested and charged with the crime of vehicular manslaughter.  After several days in jail, because of the efforts of attorney Marjorie Holland, Haruki is able to bond out, but faces months of anxiety and uncertainty as to what is to become of him. The threat of prison and a lengthy separation from his wife and children looms ominously over his head. When the State Attorney refuses to offer any leniency because he doesn't want to be seen as soft on crime or permissive of vigilante justice, Haruki's only hope is that a jury of strangers will exonerate him.

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